Cell phones are permitted in both the menísí and ladiesí lounge. When visiting the club, members and guests may bring their cell phones into the clubhouse and leave them in their respective lockers or day lockers/cubbies. The cell phones must be turned off or left in silent ring mode. Members and their guests are permitted to retrieve messages in these areas and if necessary make phone calls from the menís and ladiesí lounges and/or the telephone alcove located on the second floor. House phones are provided for the convenience of our members and guests and we encourage you to use these phones as much as possible.

Cell phones are NOT PERMITTED in any other areas of the clubhouse or on club grounds including the golf course, practice areas and parking lot.

We feel that this policy accommodates the needs of our members and their guests and also preserves the sanctity and harmony of our golf club. The club will initiate this policy on a trial basis only and if we find that it is not working we will revert back to a NO CELL PHONE POLICY and bar them totally from club grounds.